Lighthouse projects in event marketing

Take this term literally and put your event in the right light in the truest sense of the word. A lighthouse completely made of sand, with an integrated light installation that shines every minute, achieves a real signal effect. See our two examples of this idea at different locations:

Tempelhof Harbour in Berlin

For the "Neptune Festival" in the port of Berlin-Tempelhof, we set a new landmark in front of the gates of the shopping center there. Our lighthouse perfectly fitted into the scenery of the listed architecture of the old inland port on the Teltow Canal. The sand sculpture once again emphasized the historic origins of the neighborhood.

Wyk auf Föhr - A lighthouse for the anniversary

As a highlight of the festival week "100 Years Wyk on Föhr" the city finally got its own lighthouse - as a 6 m high sand sculpture. From this stately height, the integrated beacon illuminated the promenade in an unfamiliar light. Tourists and residents were thrilled!

Convince yourself of the radiance:

Berlin and Wyk auf Föhr / 2010 - 2011