Sand as art - art made of sand!

We work! With sand! And turn it into works of art! eART is what we call our new genre, and it all centres around SAND as a medium. Simply: e(phemeral)ART.

We were able to demonstrate this, for example, in the Düsseldorf NRW-Forum art museum.


Today, sandcity also works as an art consultant for companies with an affinity to sand who want to place a special form of art in the company’s own showrooms: Individually-produced sand sculptures and landscapes made of sand. The range extends from the arrangement of the company’s own gallery to solo sculptures in reception or meeting areas, or for presentations at fairs and marketing events. One special advantage over “solid” material: Even years later, a sand sculpture can be restructured into any other form.

Interested in finding out how that could be executed in your company?

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