In addition to our professional sculpture events, we also offer workshops for visitors. The arrangement is always tailored to the specific age-group: The little ones don’t need much in the way of instruction – they generally just take a bucket of sand and dig with their hands. Teenagers or adults, on the other hand, listen closely to the suggestions and advice of our experienced sand sculptors and leap at the chance to use professional tools. In every event, they are proud of the finished sculptures and chuffed to have worked alongside real artists. And the friends and family members accompanying them have great fun watching, and lots of lovely photo opportunities.

Teambuilding and management training

Sand sculptures are also an outstanding medium when it comes to company events aimed at optimising team processes. Everyone is in the same “sand pit”. Hierarchy and dress code are quickly forgotten and performance pressure becomes a distant memory as creative processes are unleashed under the guidance and supervision of our artists. The main focus is on enjoying the shared experience. By the time they are all sitting around afterwards, delightfully sandy, a completely new group feeling has generally emerged.

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