Large outdoor sculptures require heavy machinery: Dumper trucks deliver the sand before shovel loaders and diggers take over to transfer it into the wooden formwork. There it is compacted into solid blocks to achieve the necessary stability.


Here we take a much more cautious approach: muscle power instead of heavy equipment. We have the sand delivered in FIBCs and then just use a forklift or a motorised pallet truck to move the big bags to where they are needed and raise them up. Extra-strong plastic foil protects the floor and a timber frame ensures that the sand stays in the right place. The sand is compacted manually in the formwork using hand tampers. On request, we are pleased to make all these preparations at times when the public is not coming and going, to avoid disrupting things in your building. And when we have completed this compacting, we sweep up before leaving.

By the way, for locations with restricted floor load capacity, we have developed a special substructure which makes it possible to create sculptures of up two meters in height without exceeding the limits. Some examples can be seen here.

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