Opening "Robinson Club Sal/Cabo Verde

For the opening of the ROBINSON CLUB on the island of Sal / Cabo Verde, sandcity was commissioned to design two oversized sand sculptures. They formed the perfect frame for the projection screen during the inauguration ceremony. Both sculptures showed motifs from the history of the island as well as from its animal and plant world. They each reached a height of over 3 meters with a length of about 4 meters. For each of them 25 tons of sand had to be moved and compacted in wooden casings. For this is the only way to obtain the consistency necessary for the stability and artistic elaboration.

Directly on the beach in front of the new luxury resort, our team worked for a week on the design. In close cooperation with all those involved in the opening, the location and position were worked out in order to create the best possible effect for the guests. Our artists had already worked intensively on the theme in the run-up to the event and created an "Artist Impression" (artistic sketch) for each sand sculpture. These then formed the basis for the fine tuning with the hotel management and the event agency responsible for the opening ceremony.

The wind, which is typical for the Cape Verde Islands at this time of the year, blew strongly around our noses even during the carving (the elaboration of the sculptures): not always easy for the carvers to keep a steady hand. And this is very important to draw clean lines and work out the fine details. But the island motto: "No Stress, No Stress" helped to stay calm and finish the work within the tight time frame.



The big day: Opening of the Robinson Club

Just in time for the "Grand Opening" on December 14th not only our sand sculptures were finished: all other preparations were completed just in time.

The brilliant show for the opening of the "Robinson Club" on Sal, the first on the Cape Verde Islands, was not only a special event highlight for the guests who came for the opening: also for all of us here at sandcity this project was a nice conclusion of our "Sand"-year 2019.

You can watch a video of the Grand Opening Show here on the facebook page of the Robinson Club .

More examples of our sand sculpture events can be found in our gallery.

Sal / Cabo Verde / 2019