Sand sculptures: Drawing crowds

As a marketing instrument, sand sculptures have already attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors in shopping arcades, malls, city marketing events, company presentations, fairs and congresses and even classical museums.

Since 1998, Team Sandcity has been building sand sculptures of every height, size, and shape. In 2008 and 2009, we organised the first World Sand Sculptures Championships in Germany. The top achievement so far was achieved by sandcity in 2017 with the record-breaking 16.68 meter-high "tallest sandcastle" (Guinness Book of World Records).

sandcity can call on a wealth of experience gained in around 200 exhibitions. This puts us among the most knowledgeable and best-known German sand sculpture organisers worldwide.

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What we do

sandcity is the specialist for sand sculptures events of every kind and size, both indoors and in the open.

We look after everything needed for creating the sculptures: From planning to dismantling, from the selection of the best and internationally-renowned carvers to the necessary equipment and materials. Our many years of experience guarantee you a turn-key event.

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